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GASC - ArcheOs

ArcheOs is part of the Archaeology Department of Ghent University and member of the Core Facility GASC (Ghent Archaeological Science Centre).  Together with ArBoReal (offering analysis of botanical remains) and FlepoStore (offering lithic and pottery analysis) it offers services for museums, archaeological companies and other academic institutions. 

What we offer at ArcheOs

At the ArcheOs laboratory within the GASC we will offer anthropological, biomolecular, and biochemical analyses for osteological material, focusing on human remains. The core facility will offer in-house osteological analyses and takes on a coordinating role to offer additional analyses.

Our services include the following analyses

  • Macroscopic skeletal analyses (assessment or full analyses)

  • Biomolecular analyses on human bone in collaboration with AM&S, ISOFYS, ProGentomics

    • C14

    • C, N and S stable isotopes (dietary reconstruction)

    • Sr and O stable isotopes (provenance and migration)

    • Additional stable isotopes possible for specific research question (e.g., Pb)

    • Proteomic analyses

  • CT imaging in collaboration with UGCT

We also offer

  • consultancy regarding the research value and potential of human remains

  • interpretation reports (brief or in-depth) both of data we generate for you or for existing data.

Please contact us for additional information and price quotes

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