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ROAM: a Regional Outlook on Ancient Migration

Migration, diet and health of the first permanent settlers of Belgium: inter- and multi-disciplinary perspectives

The aim of this project is to generate regional-scale insights into the lifeways of the first modern humans to settle permanently in Belgium during the Final Palaeolithic and Mesolithic. It achieves this through multi- and inter-disciplinary analysis of contextualised data from archaeological, palaeontological and anthropological assemblages whilst developing state-of-the-art analytical techniques in the fields of proteomics and stable isotope analysis.

For further information, see the project's website:

Project promotors

The project is led by a cross-faculty team of researchers.

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Prof. dr. Isabelle De Groote

Faculty of Arts and Humanities: Archaeology

maarten Dhaenens.png

Dr. Maarten Dhaenens

Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences: ProGentomics


Prof. dr. Philippe Crombé

Faculty of Arts and Humanities: Archaeology

MCR picture.jpg

Marta Costas Rodriguez

Faculty of Bioscience Engineering

Project collaborators

This project consortium is strengthened by our collaborators who are experts in anthropology, isotopes, ancient genetics, zooarchaeology, dating analyses, archaeology and archaeobotany.

Ancient geneticist: 

Eva Fernandez Dominguez


Grégory Abrams


Koen Deforce


Michel Toussaint

Caroline Polet


Pierre Vandersloot

Emanuela Cristiani


Frank Vanhaeke

Samuel Bodé

Pascal Boeckx

Matthieu Boudin

Dieter Deforce

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