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Een databank en ethisch handelingskader voor menselijke resten uit archeologisch onderzoek in Vlaanderen.

The aim of MEMOR is to:

1. Make an open access inventory of the human remains from archaeological research in Flanders using various paramaters to give archaeologists, physical anthropologists and other scientists a better understanding of the existing knowledge and research potential.

2. Research the legal framework and ethical practices in our neighbouring countries and compare them with the current situation in Flanders, in parallel with the mapping of the attitude of the recognized religions and philosophies of life towards human bone material.

3. Bring together the information: creating a broad-based scientific and ethical framework for dealing with human remains from archaeological excavations based on the inventory and on a dialogue between archaeologists, scientists, ethicists, and representatives of recognized religions and philosophies of life.

4. Offer a source of information about Flemish collections of human remains, their research potential and legal status, to both professionals and the general public. Communicating the ethical and scientific framework to the intended stakeholders.

Find out more and browse the database on the project website.

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