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The ArcheOs laboratory is part of the Department of Archeology laboratory cluster housed in the Rommelaere campus. It provides facilities for osteological study and wet sample preparation.


ArcheOs Biological Anthropology laboratory facilities

In addition to a small teaching collection from Sint-Pietersplein (Ghent) the laboratory has facilities for cleaning excavated remains, calipers, and osteometric boards for recording archaeological material, as well as a sampling suite and pretreatment room for isotope and proteome analyses that is used by staff and students.

The equipment contained in the pretreatment suite includes drills and saws, fume hoods, a micro-balance, an oven, heaters, a fridge, a freezer and an ultrasonic bath.

Collaborating laboratories

By working with ISOFYS and  A&MS  in the Department of Chemistry  and the  ProGenTomics  laboratory in the Department of Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, isotopes and proteomen analysis can take place within Ghent University. In addition, Ghent University offers state-of-the-art imaging facilities with the core facilities in  Infinity  and  UGCT.

Archaeological Connections

In addition to the research laboratories our close collaborations with the archaeologists within the Department of Archaeology result in a hollistic contextualised approach to the study of human remains.

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